December 10, 2018

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Implementing video marketing into your business’s marketing plan can have some serious benefits. Video has many strengths – the most obvious being that it catches the […]
August 30, 2016

What Type of Click-Bait Are You? #11 Will Shock You!

You hear the word “click-bait” used a lot, but what does it actually mean and what is it doing to the internet news environment? Click-bait is […]
August 24, 2016

Hacking the Mind of the Online Shopper: Processing Fluency (Infographic)

User experience is so important when designing your e-commerce website. That’s why we follow the tips from the new e-book “7 Ways to Hack the Mind of […]
August 17, 2016

Sexist Marketing Trends We Wish Would Stop

Whether you’re watching a commercial, walking through a clothing store or walking down a busy city street, you may have caught your eye on an advertisement […]
June 30, 2016

Facebook Focuses on Family and Friends

For years, companies have been using Facebook to expand their reach and their audience, but now that platform is changing. Facebook’s news feed, which is seen […]
September 5, 2013

Smarter SEO for Small Business

Last month, published an intriguing story about an often confusing or tedious subject matter (depending on who you are)- search engine optimization (SEO). The author […]
August 6, 2013

Myths, lies and “The Curse”

A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on –Winston Churchill Bodyform-a UK-based feminine hygiene company- […]
May 14, 2013
market research buyer persona

Creating a Buyer Persona

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, quality is just as important as quantity. This means drawing visitors that would actually, feasibly buy from […]
October 17, 2012
Color Psychology


Color affects our environments, our mood, our lives. Never was a color change so evident as when Wachovia and their serene blue/green wave logo was replaced […]
July 13, 2012

Marketing Lessons from GOLD RUSH

I, like many wives across America, have to suffer through watching one of Cable’s top TV shows, Gold Rush. If you have not seen the show, […]
November 8, 2011

Link Love: Marketing on a Shoestring Resources

Resources Many of you are struggling with a decreased, anemic budget, or perhaps you’re thrown into marketing because your department has been downsized and you’re wearing […]
September 30, 2011

Book Report: Made to Stick

One of the books that has impacted how we ducks think about marketing is the book “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath. The authors […]
September 3, 2011

The Hamsters Find Their Target Market

Anyone who has taken any sort of marketing class understands that paying for advertising for pure folly is a waste of time and more importantly, money. […]