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October 9, 2013
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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

The leaves have turned and fall is here, but before you know it, our charming city will be embellished with vibrant wreaths, twinkling lights and maybe even a snow flurry or two.

Before the local coffee shops retire Pumpkin flavored coffees and begin offering a wintry mix of peppermints, we’d like to offer gift-giving guidance for this holiday season. Feel free to share these fantastic Charlotte-inspired gift ideas with everyone you love

For Mom

The “Go-To” Cookbook, Tupelo Honey Cafe


Tupelo Honey Cafe will open its doors in Charlotte early December…if she’s never been, treat mom to a pre-holiday, girls-night out to enjoy what will surely be a South End favorite. Surprise her with the restaurant’s original cookbook, Tupelo Honey Cafe: Spirited Recipes from Asheville’s New South Kitchen, or take advantage of their current promotion which includes the original cookbook, plus their upcoming release entitled Tupelo Honey Cafe Cookbook: New Southern Flavors From The Blue Ridge Mountains.


Price: Original Cookbook, $29.99
Two book set, $49.99 plus free shipping
To purchase this gift online, visit the Tupelo Honey Cafe website.


The “Be All”, “End All” Holiday Candle, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics


To sweeten the deal, be sure to include this stunning candle by Lafco. The fresh-cut pine scent will surely fill mom’s home with joy this holiday season.






Price: $60.00
Pick up the candle at Woo’s Myers Park location at 2900 A Selwyn Ave, Charlotte

For Sister

The “It” Palette, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics


While you may not have forgotten her 5-year-old transgressions, show your sister that you’ve forgiven her mischievous years with Chantecaille’s Diamond Palette- inspired by the Holiday Season but versatile enough for everyday wear. This striking, yet natural palette is available at Charlotte’s premier beauty destination for her, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics.



Price: $60.00
Pick up the palette at Woo’s Myers Park location at 2900 A Selwyn Ave, Charlotte


For the Man in Your Life

The Masculine Accessory, The Sporting Gent


The Sporting Gent, a brand-new men’s clothier-offering sporting and casual wear for the southern gentleman- has opened its doors in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte. This holiday season, add some sophisticated, southern style to your husband’s attire with these beautiful, handcrafted shotgun shell cufflinks by Bird Dog Bay. Not only will you impress your hubby with a manly present, he will get great use out of his new accessories when he takes you out for a night on the town to ring in the New Year!






Price: $75.00
Pick up the cufflinks at the Sporting Gent’s Myers Park location at 2848 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte


For Dad

The “Edisto” Oyster Knife, The Sporting Gent


Divvy up the cost with your siblings and get a unique gift for that one-of-a-kind shucker! Men who love oysters, will love this skillfully crafted oyster knife, from Williams Knife Co. The “Edisto,” handmade on John’s Island, SC, will be greatly appreciated now that oyster season has begun. Purchase this rare find only at The Sporting Gent in Myers Park.







Price: $75.00
Pick up the oyster knife at the Sporting Gent’s Myers Park location at 2848 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte


For Brother

The best cooler money can buy, IceMule


Keep your brother cooler, longer. Pick up this patented design from IceMule cooler- featuring lightweight portability and high performance technology. The IceMule Classic Cooler offers superior cooling, a waterproof, airtight closure and thick foam insulation- it’s tough enough to stand 100+ degree days and is backed by a 90-day unconditional, money-back guarantee. 





Price: $65.00
To purchase this gift online, visit the IceMule website.


Stocking Stuffers for your Daughter

The Trendiest Hair Ties, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics



Tired of dealing with knotted hair ties and hair kinks? Make sure your daughter’s lovely locks stay tangle-free with Emi Jay hair ties- your daughter will squeal over this holiday assortment nestled in an adorable, classic ornament! Pick up this stocking stuffer in-store, at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics-while you’re there, allow the staff at Woo to hand-select a few products that fit your look, style and budget…after all the holiday shopping, you deserve to be Woo-ed!





Price: $19.99
Pick up the hair ties at Woo’s Myers Park location at 2900 A Selwyn Ave, Charlotte


For Co-Worker

The Southerner’s Guide to Secret Santa, Tupelo Honey Cafe

BBQ bundle

Many of us are blessed with wonderful co-workers that we consider to be friends. If you live in the South, you probably love BBQ. How fortuitous that Asheville’s most beloved restaurant is offering an adorable BBQ Lover gift box complete with mouth-watering, jalapeño-infused ‘Cue Sauce and a savory BBQ Dry Rub? This year, you’ll know exactly what to purchase when you draw for Secret Santa that won’t go in the White Elephant pile.



Price: Small Gift Pail, $13.95
To purchase this gift online, visit the Tupelo Honey Cafe website.


For Brother-In-Law

Don’t be a jerk, it’s marinade, The Shizzle


Get the Shizzle seen, heard and tasted around the world. Buy your brother in law this Jamaican jerk marinade to prep food for the grill, or use it as a unique sauce. Stock up this holiday season with a six-pack of the Shizzle’s Original Recipe. Some like it hot- so, while you are at it, kick it up a notch with the Voodoo Hot! Fo’ Shizzle.








Price: $36.00
To purchase this gift online, visit The Shizzle website.