Who We Work For

We work with a select group of clients- specializing in real estate/hospitality and nonprofit organizations.

Typical Client Profile

We offer marketing and public relations services to real estate developers or national asset managers across the country who know that a great brand produces dividends and long term value that can be quantified. Most clients have a small marketing and communications department and rely on the ducks to give their brand a voice and extend their reach or capabilities. We do not work with restaurants or start up businesses, unfortunately.


We want to be in it with you for the long haul, working project after project as part of your team through the years. Usually we like to get in on the front-end planning how a brand foundation meets your target market’s needs through opening, rebranding or campaign/grant end. Public Relations / Social Media engagements are often ongoing. Website designs are the quickest projects.


Mid-size organizations.

Scope of Engagement

Our minimum initial integrated marketing engagement is $20,000, with most clients spending between $35,000-$100,000 annually.keting engagement is $20,000, with most clients spending between $35,000-$100,000 annually.

types of engagement

From strategic planning to plan implementation and continued support. Here are three ways most clients utilize the services we offer.