June 25, 2024

Behind the Brand: The Journey of Renew Brew

When Charlotte Water embarked on their innovative “Renew Brew” initiative, they sought to not only highlight the quality, safety and potential for sustainability of treated wastewater […]
June 24, 2024

Think Twice Before Using AI for Your Brand Identity

You need a logo, you need it fast and you need it right. We understand. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a phenomenal resource that allows us to […]
June 20, 2024
Real Estate Rezonings

Top Three Mistakes Developers Make in Contentious Rezonings

Navigating the complex landscape of land use zoning and real estate development can be a daunting task, particularly in areas with strong anti-development sentiments. At Yellow […]
May 9, 2024

The Digital Dilemma: Custom WordPress Websites vs. Template Websites for Apartment Leasing

In the ever-changing realm of web design, the choice between custom WordPress websites and template solutions carries substantial weight, particularly for businesses involved in apartment development […]
May 9, 2024

The Art of Influence: How Leveraging Social Media Trends Can Elevate Hotel Marketing

The digital age has made social media an indispensable tool for hotels to connect with their audience, show off their unique offerings, and drive bookings. It […]
April 11, 2024

The Art of Account Management: Q&A With Joslyn Dunn

We sat down with Joslyn, our Senior Account Manager, to learn about her expertise in account management. From creative branding to psychology-driven problem-solving, she shares what […]
March 6, 2024

The Benefits of PR & Marketing Retainers

While many marketing agencies, including YDM, offer project-based pricing, there are many benefits to marketing retainers, in which the client pays a set fee each month […]
February 22, 2024

Pitch Perfect: Q&A with Kaycee Sinclair Mason

Meet our Strategic New Business Development Director, Kaycee. We got to chat with Kaycee about her role at YDM. Kaycee is at the helm of forging […]
February 2, 2024

2024 Color Trends

Color is its own language of personal self-expression. It can dictate how we feel and how we express our own personality or that of another brand. […]
January 25, 2024

Social Forecast: The Top 5 2024 Social Media Trends

The world of social media continues to grow and evolve in 2024. Our blog explores five of the current social trends shaping culture and our online interactions. We […]
January 5, 2024

Leveraging Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

Have you ever wondered why some brands leave a lasting impression while others drift in the background? Yes, it’s crucial to have effective digital marketing campaigns, […]
December 11, 2023

The Basics of Apartment Branding: Why Does It Matter?

From Coca-Cola’s red disc to Nike’s iconic swoosh, the world’s biggest brands have a unique identity that consumers worldwide instantly recognize. Brand identity has become a […]
November 9, 2023

Understanding the Print Production Process

The value of effective print campaigns can be easily overlooked in today’s digital-focused marketing world. Yet, research reveals that 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any […]
October 30, 2023

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Building and Maintaining a New Real Estate Brand

Your commercial real estate or new apartment development brand is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s the essence of your property that defines […]
October 19, 2023

How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Creating a LinkedIn profile lets you post job vacancies, industry updates and news about your company in one place. However, sometimes a single page isn’t enough […]
October 9, 2023

Traffic Talks: Q&A with Bryan Albritton

This month, we’re getting to know our Traffic Manager, Bryan Albritton. Bryan keeps our projects moving and organized. He’s an embodiment of creativity and efficiency. Keep reading […]
October 5, 2023
branding charette hotels and hospitality niche hotels

How Niche Hotels Can Benefit from the Charrette Process

A charrette is a collaborative workshop that brings different stakeholders together and is a major part of our branding process. Relevant especially for real estate projects […]
September 13, 2023

Does being on X Still Make Sense for Your Brand?

With the recent rebranding of Twitter as X, a wave of accompanying changes is set to sweep across the platform. This includes the substitution of the […]
August 7, 2023

Live with Kelly: Q&A with Kelly Brooks

Next up in our Q&A is our Social Media/Client Coordinator, Kelly Brooks! Kelly touches both social media and account management projects during her workday. She’s a […]
August 3, 2023

Localizing Social Media to Maximize Reach

If you’re interested in increasing your brand loyalty through social media, localization may be the missing key from your strategy. A social media agency located in […]