The Felicetti name has become synonymous with the highest quality pasta trusted by Michelin star chefs around the world. As they’ve expanded their market into the US, we jumped at the chance when they asked us to join alongside of them as their marketing partner.


After discovering that Felicetti Organic would be going up on shelves at Harris Teeter, we worked to deploy a rifle approach to paid social to help efficiently target shoppers around those stores.

For this campaign, we targeted DMAs instead of specific stores in NC and the VA/DC area. We did this to help ensure we were reaching a more qualified audience and position ourselves to drive effective frequency among them. We designed 5 static ads and 4 animated motion graphics to test and speak to different demographics. We spent $13,650 over a 6-week period and tracked results along the way.


We saw a dramatic increase in both number of 25- to 44-year-old men and women we reached as well as the percentage of those users who remembered seeing our ads. Our Organic Selection ad emerged as our top performer, garnering nearly 40% of all impressions served and maintaining high marks across all the important metrics.