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January 19, 2023
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Design Trends 2023

2023 is going to be a year filled with graphic design trends that push the limits and transport you to surreal environments. In the world of social media, there is an increasing emphasis on delivering a visual sensory experience for consumers browsing social media graphics.


Distorted Typography

Fonts with distorted typography have a unique look. A well-designed distorted font remains legible but allows the reader to pick up context clues. For projects that need to encourage audiences to engage with text in a different way, distorted fonts work well with an artistic or futuristic approach.



Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The uniqueness of hand-drawn illustrations enhances your brand’s value and creates authenticity that cannot be replicated. Hand-drawn illustrations are a great way to add a personal touch to your marketing and communications.



3D Elements

Living the age of the Metaverse, it is only natural that 3D designs would take center stage.  Virtual reality helps push the boundaries to make the unrealistic realistic, and those concepts are being brought into branding visuals and user experiences. No matter your industry, 3D elements can add a boost to your graphic design.



Flat Retro Graphic Design

The captivation of nostalgic visuals and saturated colors from the 1960s and 1970s is here to stay. As a contrast to 3D elements, these flat designs combine bold elements and bright colors with an emphasis on typography to create a youthful and vibrant feel.




Surreal Worlds

People have emersed themselves into the virtual reality world, so it is no surprise that those elements have inspired all areas of design. Escaping your reality and transporting to a new one is all about playfulness and breaking the boundaries. Embracing the unexpected through unlikely color pairings and elements is great way to showcase this trend.



Dark Mode

Given the exorbitant time we spend on our screens, it is no surprise that we will see dark mode making a splash this year in web design, graphic design and app design. Users have chosen dark mode as a favorite for their personal digital settings to reduce eye strain; therefore, it is appearing more and more on websites, apps and branding for a chicer aesthetic, especially for areas that a consumer will spend a good amount of time looking at.



Want to incorporate new graphic design trends into your company’s branding or graphic design? Reach out to us.

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