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May 14, 2013
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Duck On Wheels for Cancer

cancer event charlotte

Our fearless Head Quack, Julianne, is gearing up for another 24 Hours of Booty. What is that you ask? A marathon dance club dance off? No, it’s the premier cancer fundraising event in Charlotte, NC where 1,500 brave souls bear the (sometimes) 100 degree summer heat in late July to ride their bikes for 24 hours. Well, not for the full 24 hours, but the course is going for 24 hours and teams often have people ride in shifts. The event has been going for 10 years and last year was its biggest yet. Julianne’s team (Bank of America) was the top fundraising team and raised over $2000,000 to contribute to the total event of around $2 Million! This allowed 24 Hours of Booty to make donations to great organizations such as a $1 Million contribution to Levine Cancer Institute! Julianne serves on the marketing board for the organization, and she is putting on a women’s riding clinic to help get women involved. In addition, Yellow Duck Marketing provides the marketing support for the annual Jeans & Jewels Gala.

The event is festive and fun, and neighbors have garden parties to watch, blast music and cheer the riders on along the most scenic route in the Queen City. Please join us in cheering on Julianne or consider supporting the cause by contributing to her campaign!