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November 1, 2011
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November 15, 2011
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Link Love: Marketing on a Shoestring Resources


Many of you are struggling with a decreased, anemic budget, or perhaps you’re thrown into marketing because your department has been downsized and you’re wearing 5 hats. You need cheap and easy resources to help you do your job and juggle all the plates in the air without breaking the bank.

So on a related note, I recently spoke to a group of people who attended an affordable housing conference put on by the NC Housing Coalition. I promised to share some budget-friendly resources with them, and thought everyone would like to see the Link Love list on steroids!

Business Tools

Email Program / List builder / Contact manager: www.mailchimp.com

Inexpensive, Great Quality Printer: www.gotprint.net

Project Management Software: www.worketc.com

Promotional Products that donate 5% to local charity of your choice:  www.adsparkpromos.com

Reliable & Cheap Promotional Products: www.adcomarketing.com

PR Monitoring through Google Alerts: http://www.google.com/alerts

Free Online PR Pitch Listing: www.pitchengine.com


Online Business Listings

These are the links you should think about getting listed on to make sure you’re visible and able to be found when your consumers are ready to make a buying decision!

Local Google Business Listing:  www.google.com/local/add

Bing Business Listing: www.bing.com/local/

Affordable Housing Listing: www.socialserve.com/

Online Business Review site: www.yelp.com

Social Check In App: www.foursquare.com

Open Directory Listing with big link juice: www.dmoz.org

Graphic Design

Free Stock Photos: www.sxc.hu

Inexpensive Stock Photos:  www.shutterstock.com

Photo Editing Software:  www.picnik.com

Free Fonts that can be used online: www.fontsquirrel.com

Free Funky Fonts: www.dafont.com

Font Finder to see what Font something is
that you like: www.whatthefont.com

Web Design & Content Building

Domain Registration: www.namecheap.com

WordPress Themes so you don’t need to learn HTML: theme.wordpress.com/themes

Easy Blog Builder: www.posterous.com

Very Inexpensive WordPress Themes: www.eleganthemes.com and www.themeforest.net/

Community or Intranet Builder: www.ning.com

Website, Social Media & Inbound Marketing Grader: website.grader.com

Social Media

Social Media Manager:  www.hootsuite.com

Social Media Research: www.socialfresh.com  and www.socialcrush.com

Blog on Inbound Marketing:  www.blog.hubspot.com/

Best Practices of How to Create a Social Media Policy: www.socialmedia.biz/social-media-policies/best-practices-for-developing-a-social-media-policy/

How to Write a Social Media Policy: www.inc.com/guides/2010/05/writing-a-social-media-policy.html

 Click here for a PDF of these marketing resources to print:

Download this file

What did I miss? What free or cheap resources are your favorites?