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October 17, 2012
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Media Training and Why It’s Important

Due to popular demand, Yellow Duck Marketing has created a Media Training course for corporations or individuals who want to be more comfortable talking with journalists or in front of the camera.
We all know how important a company’s reputation is, and how we don’t want our employees diluting or hurting the brand. We also know people’s number one fear is public speaking. Put a reporter who may be trying to trip you up or take an adverse angle to your topic, or a camera recording you live and it strikes even more fear in the hearts of many. Or worse yet, people come unprepared and commit one of the following common missteps:

  • Get off topic or ramble
  • Neglect to get the key messages across
  • Provide a bad quote
  • Not follow corporate protocol in case of emergency
  • Get baited into a saying something you don’t want to
  • Don’t use proper body language on camera

Our 3-4 hour media training workshop can be held in our Charlotte, NC facility for small groups or your conference room or offsite location for a larger group. Many corporations like gathering together all high-level managers and people who might be contacted by the media to spread the cost over 20 or so attendants, especially if we are travelling across the country.

The training will provide how to create memorable messages, prepare for an interview, stay on topic, deal with crisis communications, deal with phone / TV interviews, and have one-on-one and group exercises. We can also offer optional mock interviews on camera so you can see how you look on screen! Think of investing in media training for your company is like brand insurance.

Contact if you are interested in a media training session. Corporations who reserve before January 31st will receive $500 off.