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2024 Color Trends

Color is its own language of personal self-expression. It can dictate how we feel and how we express our own personality or that of another brand. Pulling influence from a variety of industries and surroundings will allow you to broaden the color spectrum of inspiration.

Here are some standout color trends for 2024 that we are already inspired by!

Perfectly Peach

It is only natural to start off with Pantone’s color of the year, PANTONE 12-1023 Peach Fuzz.  According to Pantone, this peachy hue embraces the spirit and elevates the heart, mind and body to evoke feelings of tenderness and kindness. In times of turbulence, we yearn for compassion and empathy. Our world emphasizes the importance of productivity and achievements, but we need to be reminded through the hustle and bustle that we remember the importance of human connection and caring for our inner selves.

The FOUR09 Queens brand we developed for a 17-condominium building nestled in prestigious Myers Park exemplifies the essence of what Peach Fuzz means and all its layers.  The project is the epitome of sophistication and using the copper peach color allows the brand to feel both welcoming and contemporary.  The luxuriously modern logo design is completed by the warmer peach color to create a sense of warmth and tranquility.

409 queens

Nuanced Neutrals

Colors don’t have to pack a punch to make an impact. This year, understated and muted palettes will make a place for themselves, showcasing a confident and effortless elegance. This trend aligns with the minimalist movement proving that a chic, timeless and modern aesthetic can be accomplished with clean design and subtle tones.

Gorgeous Green

Green still reigns supreme; however, this year we will see a variety of shades from subdued earthy tones to sharp citrus lemon-lime colors that pack a punch. The continual focus on sustainability and being present in the word around supports this trend. These colors remind us of the beauty of our natural world and of the push for environmental awareness. The other side of the green spectrum showcases vibrant greens that are eye-catching and exciting that can give a brand an inspiring and fresh look.

Breathtaking Blues

This color trend takes blue tones away from the traditional beachy waters and pushes it down into the deeper seas, showcasing its beauty in a more modern and almost seductive way. Using the richer and more mysterious tones work well for brands that want to be captivated and drawn into a luxurious world of what lies beneath.

Metallic Marvel

The rising presence of futuristic metallic shades is no surprise given the consistent presence of technology in our daily lives. This trend celebrates the techno era using blues, greens and purples. Using subtle shimmers and sleek iridescent finishes can evoke a modern ethereal elegance that feels innovative and expensive.

Have fun and be curious when trying out colors and hues for your brand. It is all about navigating and exploring to land on what feels good for you in order express your brand’s point of view.

Wondering how to incorporate this year’s color trends into your company’s branding? Reach out to us!