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December 13, 2020
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January 6, 2021
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The Top 10 Website Mistakes to Avoid

So, you’ve launched a website, but are you taking the right steps to ensure that it’s found by your target audience? Can they find the information they’re searching for and in turn contact you? Check out our list of top 10 website mistakes to avoid:

  1. You Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Website
    Your mobile website doesn’t have to be a tiny replica of your desktop site – nor do you want it to be. Most website developers and out-of-the-box themes will include responsive (multi-device-friendly) coding. Since your audience is often on the go – or browsing on the phone from the comfort of their couch – you want to be sure your message is to the point and easily viewed on a mobile device. This may mean cutting the clutter and filler copy or images from your website. Make sure phone numbers, call to actions and forms are near the top so users can find the information they need quickly without having to comb through the fluff.


  1. You Don’t Have a Clear Call to Action
    Use the powers of persuasion to let your user know up front what they can expect when clicking a button or submitting a form. Messages like “Download A Floorplan” or “Contact Us Today for a Tour” build users’ trust by delivering the information they’re seeking in an unambiguous way.


  1. You Don’t Have a Lead Collection Form
    While it’s great to meet clients and customers face to face (or in this day and time, wave at a distance), a lead collection form is the ideal way to initially connect with your website user. A certain demographic (hi, millennials!) would prefer not to even speak on the phone. Importing these users into your own CRM (see #10) or email distribution lists is an ideal way to continue contact with these potential buyers/clients after they close their browser.


  1. You Haven’t Installed Google Analytics (or Google Search Console)
    Most often, we’ll find that clients have installed Google Analytics but haven’t ever peeked at the data. A few key items to look at are Bounce Rate (are users leaving your homepage or other interior pages at a high rate?), User Flow (where are they going within your site?) and Acquisition (how did they get there?).Google Search Console is your way of telling Google “in a sea of many, look at me!” and gather enhanced data on your search performance.


  1. You Don’t Have a Google My Business Account
    We’ve talked about this before. Click here for a refresher and how-to.


  1. Your Website isn’t Accessibility-Friendly
    It’s important for all websites to be accessible to users with disabilities. There are several free plugins available to take your website to the next level (we love UserWay) and add enhanced features to increase text size, screen contrast and more. Test your site with WAVE to be provided a list of suggestions for improving the accessibility of your site.


  1. You Don’t Have a Privacy Policy
    More than just a slap on the wrist, not posting a privacy policy means that you’re violating privacy laws and risk being fined for non-compliance. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outlines the steps online companies must take in order to protect their users and their information. We want our website users to trust us, so transparency is crucial. We found this article helpful for GDPR Compliance.


  1. You’re Not Active on Social Media
    Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, your company’s social network is a free way to connect with your target market. We dug into this a little more on our blog and mentioned a few key benefits to being active on a social platform.


  1. You Don’t Have Visible Pricing Displayed
    No one wants to be wasting time and your buyers are no exception. Be transparent with pricing to ensure that you’re collecting the most qualified leads. For real estate, many web platforms are capable of integrating real-time inventory through BDX or MLS to save you time (and $) on updates. We can do that for you!


  1. You Aren’t Utilizing an Integrated Marketing CRM
    If you’re still using an Excel spreadsheet (or worse, your inbox) to keep leads organized, it’s time to step up your game. Using an integrated marketing CRM (customer relationship management) tool like SharpSpring to consolidate your marketing efforts, keep leads organized and Close. More. Sales.

Do any of these website mistakes sound familiar? Reach out to us if you need help resolving them!