A great name and great logo design matters, and we all build emotional connections to them that drive our decisions. Some brands feel like part of the family; it’s hard to imagine anyone asking for “gelatin” in his or her school lunch when they want Jell-O. We talk lovingly about our (insert your favorite brand of smartphone), but never our “handheld electronic device.”

Ask us about our 10-Step Branding Journey. There’s more to branding than just a fancy logo design. By understanding your consumer and what’s at stake for them, and after sizing up your competitors, we’ll help you develop a brand that’s not only eye-catching and memorable, but also meaningful. Showing consumers why your particular product or service is relevant and meets their needs better than the next guy’s is the cornerstone of brand loyalty. And, at the end of the day, that’s the name of the game.



Childress Klein was tired of their old logo that had lasted 30 years but was ready for a new more modern, progressive look. The ducks put together a bold package of marketing collateral and leasing signage along with a fully responsive, interactive website to show that an established, conservative firm can stay on trend.

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  • My company recently underwent a rebranding process. After meeting with many agencies we made the wise decision to partner with Yellow Duck Marketing. They were very thorough and ensured that every step of the process went smoothly. - Liz Patterson, Marketing Manager, Childress Klein

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