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Pitch Perfect: Q&A with Kaycee Sinclair Mason

Meet our Strategic New Business Development Director, Kaycee. We got to chat with Kaycee about her role at YDM. Kaycee is at the helm of forging connections, understanding client needs and identifying opportunities for the ducks.


Q: As the Business Development Director, what are you responsible for at YDM?

A: I am responsible for making connections, building relationships, asking questions, listening to people’s challenges, and looking for business opportunities for Yellow Duck to provide practical marketing concepts.


Q: What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

A: I enjoy my job because each day brings something new and meets unique challenges. However, the ultimate goal remains the same: to offer solutions that can positively impact our partners’ businesses. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to celebrate our clients’ victories and to support them discreetly, especially for me, because when it’s my turn to work with them, the ideas are scribbles and notes on our whiteboard.


Q: You’ve worked in the hospitality industry before. How has that helped you when it comes to working at YDM? 

A: Hospitality is my passion. I started over 20 years ago as a concierge, helping guests create timeless memories and make the most of their vacation. My whole mission was to ask the right questions to understand their budget, focus on what they wanted to accomplish with their limited amount of time and gauge what their comfort zone is to try new things. To be successful, I had to be prepared with ideas, knowledgeable about availability, and able to describe all the possibilities with savvy excitement. Having strong relationships with restaurants, tour companies and fellow colleagues allowed me to make magic happen. Over the years, in many shapes and forms, I believe these basics still hold true.



Q: Describe your perfect day off.

A: That’s easy. Zac Brown has it right with any day I get to put my toes in the water…. And well – you should know the rest.


Q: What’s one thing you wish you could change about your job? 

A: It would be great if we could meet our new clients earlier. Our existing clients are already familiar with our process. They know that when they even start planning a new development, creating a special promo or big announcements, it’s time to call Ducks.

However, new clients often don’t look for us until they are already close to their deadline and realize they need help. The more time we have to work on competitive analysis, content creation, video production, coordinating influencers and creating a unique ad campaign, the better the ROI will be for our clients.


Q: Is there a specific project that has brought you joy at YDM?

A: That’s so hard; so many of them have been great, and some are still in the vault, but the one I think I was really excited to see come to fruition was a trifold brochure we quickly put together for one of our offshore clients, Sea Rios Yacht in Jamaica. It was just in my wheelhouse and assisting in the content creation brought back some great memories of the many days I had spent fishing and snorkeling on yachts in the Caribbean.


Q: What’s your favorite kind of food?

A: Lately, I have been trying the local food trucks. They usually are small businesses just starting; they buy from local farmers and put together new flavors that I didn’t think would go together. Our neighborhood also has 2 or 3 new ones visiting our clubhouse each month. Getting outside with the kids and catching up with the neighbors is fun. There are so many great ones, it’s hard to pick just one.


Interested in talking to Kaycee about how YDM can grow your business? Reach out to her!