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Breeding Marketing Success: Who Fits the Bill?

Generally speaking, there are five categories of Marketing or Advertising Agencies that are available to companies of any size, sort or breadth that you could imagine. While the sub-par majority are inherently bound by their own limitations, some agencies are both equipped and determined (come Hell or high water) to soar above and beyond the call of duty. Nevertheless, we all aim to support our client’s marketing efforts by providing assistance in a wide range of areas that include:

  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Brand Equity Management
  • Consumer Insight
  • Media Analysis
  • Creative Strategy and Execution
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Consumer Sales and Event Promotion
  • Web Metrics, SEO and SMO
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Video Production
  • Web Design

Collectively, these agencies differ significantly, in ability-from a la carte to turnkey, in quality– from “missed the mark” to award-winning, in size– from gigantic, creativity-stifling agencies to compact, all-star agencies, in fees– from feasible to “Whoa, that’s over-the top outrageous!” But no matter how we vary, we’re all vying for one thing: The opportunity to take you on as a client in an effort to make you look like a Rock Star.

Breeds of Agencies:

  • Full Service: Offers clients a full range of marketing, communications and promotional services to include research, planning and execution
  • Specialty: Works within a particular industry or within a particular function
  • In-House: Established, owned and operated by the company itself in an effort to reduce costs and maintain complete control
  • Creative Boutique: Provides only creative services which are the creation, design and execution of ad campaigns
  • Media Buying: Niche service specializing in the analysis and purchase of advertising media

The Sixth Type: The Hybrid

No, we’re not talking about a Prius here. A hybrid agency, like Yellow Duck Marketing, is an innovative, assemblage of the five “traditional” breeds. Some of the best hybrids leverage years of integrated marketing experience- in research, branding, design, promotion, positioning and execution- with a knack for developing compelling, strategic solutions in a couple select sectors. These hybrids are equipped with ample resources and brainpower to get the job done, but are small enough to sport an intriguing identity and can be nimble based on lower overhead.

As Will Burns, Forbes contributor, points out- smaller agencies are pioneered by fearless leaders, he explains, “That’s the kind of creative person you want in your foxhole. Someone who’s willing to put it all on the line for him or herself, and, therefore, for your brand.”

These contemporary agencies are able to offer one-stop-shop qualities of larger, full-service agencies while maintaining a fresh, creative take on every project. Often times, hybrids operate as extensions of internal marketing departments, working closely with team members to align vision, reinforce objectives and develop better marketing solutions.

How can we put our hybrid agency to work for you?