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Cat Lady: Katie Kinard Q&A

Next up in our Q&A feature is the latest duck to splash into the pond, Graphic Designer Katie Kinard. Originally from tropically sunny South Florida, Katie can now be found assisting with graphic design, web design, branding and photography projects. She actively builds her skills such as through a recent coding class and loves the whir and buzz that comes from creating something from scratch. Katie thrives by learning our clients’ special brand stories and seeks out creative ways to elevate their voices above the competition. She earned her Bachelor of Journalism degree in Advertising from the University of Georgia and is the proud kitty mom of 1-year-old Pepper.

Q: How does your undergraduate degree in advertising inform your work at Yellow Duck Marketing? 

A: At YDM, one of the first projects I worked on was creating digital advertisements, so I got to use those skills right off the bat. We did a lot of creative campaign work in my classes, so this definitely gave me a solid background in regard to design and marketing.

Q: Why is working at a women-centric agency important to you?

A: I lived in Prague for a month and practiced journalism with a focus on Feminism/Women’s Rights. My studies opened my eyes to the importance of women in the workplace and finding your voice in the professional world. In addition, my aunt runs a women’s leadership firm here in Charlotte — she has always had a large influence on me. I inherited my creative genes from my mother, who is a talented painter and crafter. Both of them have always been my motivators and mentors.

Q: What are the top trends in graphic design that you’re excited about?  

A: The first has to be art deco coming back in style, because I love all things vintage, and the styling is so iconic, I just hope it stays for good! The other is open composition, because this comes into play in both digital and print design. Loose and lots of white space is what’s popping up more and more recently – and I’m all about it!

Q: Shibori fabric dyeing is one of your favorite hobbies. Can you explain more about it?

A: Shibori is an ancient Japanese technique dating back to the eighth century. Creating airtight folds using yarn or bands results in delicate patterns, each unique and inimitable. This is what I do in my free time when I’m not at the duck pond.

Q: How did working on YDM’s web projects as an intern inspire fresh educational pursuits for you?

A: I decided to go back to web design/coding class because I love web design! I still have a lot to learn, but that’s the best part.

Q: What advice do you have for new college graduates looking for a job at an agency?

A: I recommend attempting to talk to as many people as possible, even if they don’t work directly in your field. You have something to learn from everyone – it would really surprise you.